December 31, 2008

Reflections of 08.

As we Celebrate the New Year. We reflect on the Previous Year and all the good and the Bad..and what we expect too Happen to us in the New Year..So what's the New Year Mean too You? Any goals or Plans..Here's One of my Reflections..

Mine starts off in the Middle of 08 during the Summer, on the Month of May 18..and what's so special about that . Well its the day I graduated and left behind that Minimum Wage Thinking of Fast Food Working and Elevated too a Better Work field and the chance too Go Higher in my Job..where do I work?I work for Costco Wholesale. I have been working in Fast Food for almost 10yrs off n on..and thought this was the only thing i could do..since I lost my Job at K-Mart when they closed in Alaska. But I finally broke out of that mental mentality of thinking Fast food was the only thing good for me...Now that I have this job and making GOOD money. So Now I've been employed with Costco's going into my 8th Month....and Looking 4ward too saying there